Event Information

Ben Phayer

Home Town
Mornington, Victoria
Favourite species to catch:
Favourite technique:
Slow rolling hardbodies
Favourite location:
Mallacoota, Victoria.
Worlds Experience:


I have been involved within the fishing industry from a young age working on professional fishing boats through to retail and falling in love with every aspect of the sport. I was always a bait fisherman however once being introduced to lure fishing with the good old Berkley Camo Worm, I soon changed my focus. Ever since I’ve been “hooked”, it now becoming a passion and addiction.

2014 was my first year of competitive tournaments and really my first year fishing from a kayak. This year I am lucky to have fishin.com.au, Bend-em Custom Fishing supporting me and as always my family who without their support I would be unable to travel all over the country and now the world doing what I love.

A big thank you to all the people and sponsors involved within the series that make these events possible.

How are you feeling as time counts down to the world championships in China?
Excited is an understatement. As time counts down I start to think of everything I need to take and things I don’t have. Now that more and more information is being released about the event it is starting to become real. Qualifying back in march I’ve had a lot of time waiting.
Have you been doing your research? Where and what?
I have tried to do a lot of research but finding it difficult to locate detailed information, that’s in English, on the species and waterway. YouTube and Facebook provide some things but what lures to take is still a mystery.
What are your thoughts on the target species for the worlds Chinese Perch, Top Mouth Culter and Yellow Cheek Carp? 
I am excited to catch a new species especially in a completely different waterway to what I am used to. I have heard different reports of fighting power and catch methods so it will be interesting once we get over there. I dream about catching a large Yellowcheek in a kayak and trying to measure.
What rods, reels, lures are you taking? 
I am lucky enough to have fishin.com.au and Bend-em Custom Fishing supplying me with everything I need to go catch something completely new. I don’t know what lures I will be taking at this stage but I will have Bend-em Custom Rods matched with Daiwa reels, I might even be taking my first ever casting combo for the larger ones.
Have you formulated a plan of attack?
At this stage I have a very rough idea but it will all depend on what I find once I’m over there. As much as google maps and research helps, being there will be the real tell-tale.
What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge at this moment is the unknown. I have never been to Asia let alone seen the target species so I really don’t know what I’m up for. Being such a small waterway I will be exploring as much as I can on the Navigation days.
What do you think of your chances in the worlds? 
To be honest I am really proud of making it to this stage of competing in the worlds, winning is always in a tournament fisherman’s mind but with the calibre of anglers competing I will just hope to boat some fish and give it my best shot.
What team do you think will be the biggest threat? Why?
The biggest threat would have to be the home team China. Knowing the waterways or at least the target species would have to be a massive advantage.