Event Information

Joel Crosbie

Home Town:
Mirboo North, Victoria.
Favourite species to catch:
Bream, but Australian Bass is a pretty close second.
Favourite technique:
Definitely surface, I enjoy being able to see what’s happening.
Favourite location:
Tamboon Inlet in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. It’s my favourite just for the amount of big bream I have caught there and also for the wilderness experience you get while you are there.
Worlds Experience:
This will be my first time fishing in the Worlds. Still can’t believe I have been given this opportunity, it should be a blast.


In 2010 I competed in my first Hobie event in Bemm River. Since then I haven’t looked backed enjoying both the challenge of competing against great bream fisherman around the country but also the fantastic social side of the scene, making some great friendships along the way.

I have been fortunate enough to have numerous tournament wins, podiums and top 10 finishes. One of the highlights would have to be sharing the podium with 2 of my good mates Clark Wilson and Chris Burbidge at Lake Tyers in 2013. I have also been lucky enough to qualify for every bream Grand Final since 2010.

In 2015 I have been very fortunate to qualify for the Australian team travelling to China for the 5th Hobie Worlds, to say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of fishing in a country I have never been before and targeting fish I have never caught.

How are you feeling as time counts down to the world championships in China?
The closer it gets the more excited I’m getting. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the other anglers and just having a good time.
Have you been doing your research? Where and what?
Yes, I’ve been doing my research. We’re lucky in Australia as some of the guys have been to China to fish a tournament in the last couple of years, so I have been getting most of my information off them as they have fished for both the Chinese Perch and Top Mouth Culter.
What are your thoughts on the target species for the worlds Chinese Perch, Top Mouth Culter and Yellow Cheek Carp?
Given that they are all new species for me I’m really looking forward to the challenge of trying to work them out. After watching some videos on the internet, I am really looking forward to trying to catch a Yellow Cheek Carp, they look mean and aggressive. They look like they will be a handful in the kayak too, which should be fun.
What rods, reels, lures are you taking?
I’ll be taking a mix of Tairyo rods and Daiwa reels from light spin outfits to maybe a heavier overhead outfit as well. For the lures I’ll be taking as many Strike Pro and various other lures that I can fit in my suitcase.
Have you formulated a plan of attack?
I haven’t fished the venue or caught any of the species so I have no plan as yet and probably won’t have one until after the navigation and pre fish days.
What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge for me will be that I haven’t actually caught any of the species before and I will only have a single day to try and work them out.
What do you think of your chances in the worlds?
I’m heading over to China for the experience and to have a good time and do what I love. Also having no experience of the waterway or the fish I think my chances are slim, but you never know!
What team do you think will be the biggest threat? Why?
Probably the two biggest threats will be the Chinese for the home ground advantage and also the Americans because of their previous tournament experience.