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Neil Carstairs

Neil Carstairs
Home Town:
Favourite species to catch:
Bream and snapper
Favourite technique:
Lures and plastics
Favourite location:
Very hard one that, but best 2 would be Forster, NSW and Bemm River, Victoria
Worlds Experience:
First event, but have been to China for 2013 CAN Kayak tournament where I came 2nd.



Loved fishing from a young age and for many years now I have been addicted to kayak fishing. From my first Hobie Outback to the now awesome Hobie Pro Angler PA14 , chasing many species which include bream, snapper, salmon, squid, trout and Murray cod and anything else I can catch while on the water from a Hobie.

Being a part of the Hobie Bream competitions over the last few years has not only brought me plenty of new experiences but new friendships with like minded people and many more to come.

Represented AUSTRALIA in the CAN INTERNATIONAL FISHING TOURNAMENT in 2013 and came 2nd earning $12,000USD. I have also had a 2nd placing at Redcliffe Qld, a 3rd and several 5ths in local comps along with quite a few mid field placings.

How are you feeling as time counts down to the Hobie Fishing World Championship in China?
Looking forward to another new place, having fished China before I really look forward to seeing anew location and new species
Have you been doing your research? Where and what?
Some Google and Chinese websites, but not really, taking it as it comes when I get there and check out the location.
What are your thoughts on the target species for the worlds Chinese Perch, Top Mouth Culter and Yellow Cheek Carp?
Look forward to hooking up a large Yellow Cheeck, the cutler and perch are exciting fish too.
What rods, reels, lures are you taking?
Daiwa reels such steez and certates with some Daiwa and mainly Duffrods.
Have you formulated a plan of attack?
What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
Finding fish
What do you think of your chances in the worlds are?
More than 1
What team do you think will be the biggest threat? Why?
Not sure, too hard to guess, but Aussies can adapt pretty well to new fishing grounds. Being fresh water, the Europeans have a good chance I think, and local knowledge from the Chinese may come to play.