Event Information

Scott Baker

Home Town
Favourite species to catch:
Favourite technique:
Slow rolling Jackall Chubbies across the flats and edges
Favourite location: 
Marlo, Victoria
Worlds Experience: 
First Hobie Fishing World Champion, NSW Australia, 2012 Texas, USA, 2013 Victoria, Australia, 2014, Vinkeveen, the Netherlands

Scott Baker AUS

Scott is 42 years old and from Mornington Australia and has been competing in the Hobie fishing competition scene since its inception several years ago. He consistently entered every comp he could locally and interstate to improve his skills.

He had only ever caught one bream on lure before entering and it took him 4 comps before he troubled the weigh master. After struggling to get his feet and learn the art from his fellow fishermen, he went on to have a few wins and fish consistently at home and while travelling. In October 2011 he put everything he had learned into Winning the First Hobie Fishing World Championships held in Port Macqurie NSW, Scott also Appeared on AFC Barra in 2013, came second in the Hobie Grand Final 2013 with over 110 competitors from around the world, he also came 4th in the World 2013 World Title and a top 10 in the 2013 Hobie Bass Grand Final.

With more than 24 top 10 finishes to his name he has had great results interstate showing that he can find fish in spots he has never fished before. He puts all his success down to the lessons learnt during the competitions and his fellow fisherman who have become great friends and mentors in the process. His favourite species is Bream at Marlo slow rolling Jackall Chubbies across the flats and edges.

In 2014, Scott was the second highest placed Australian in 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship in the Netherlands.

How are you feeling as time counts down to the world championships in China?
Have you been doing your research? Where and what?
What are your thoughts on the target species for the worlds Chinese Perch, Top Mouth Culter and Yellow Cheek Carp?
Need to have a good understanding of their habits.
What rods, reels, lures are you taking?
Duff rods, Aiwa reels and lost of lures
Have you formulated a plan of attack?
Yes- catch as many of the allocated species each day that are legal.
What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
New water, new species, foreign language hard to research online.
What do you think of your chances in the worlds are?
Good, I’m in it and finished top 6 in 3 out of 4 events
What team do you think will be the biggest threat? Why?
China, local fish local water, big advantage.