The Tournament Location

Shang Lake, Changshu, China

Shang Lake (Shanghu Lake) lies adjacent to the Yushan Mount Scenic Area in Changshu City. The name “Shanghu” was derived from a legend that Jiang Shang (1156 BC- 1017BC), a famous statesman and strategist, fished in the lake. It has an 800 hectare scenic area that is composed of a Cultural Park, Lotus Pond, Fisher’s Islet, Low Dam, and Peony Garden.  Masterly planted landscapes have been established and there are two man-made wetlands of planted forests where marshes, eel grass and other species thrive, it is known as one of the crowning glories south of the Yangtze River.

It’s a place of man-made and natural beauty, lake views, cultural heritage and compliments the superb fishing in the large open 8sq km main lake.

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