What Tackle To Bring

As the 5th Hobie® Fishing World Championship draws closer, we have put together some notes using local knowledge on some of the preferred tackle to use on Shang Lake. Of course, you’re free to make your own decisions but a couple of recommendations from the locals are listed below.


 L type (min) to MH (max) is perfect, and the length of the rod can range from 6 to 7 feet (1.83m – 2.13m) *Check with the your airline regarding restrictions on carry-on luggage.

If you intend to have your reels in your carry-on luggage, please ensure that you do not have any line attached!!

In the past, anglers have been required to discard any line on the reel before being allowed to board their flight. This can prove to be a very expensive exercise.


Lurefans company will provide each competitor with a selection of proven lures used by Chinese anglers with great success on Shang Lake. Gallery Below.

In addition, anglers could bring Jerk bait of about 15 cm or small sized crankbaits. The fish which will be targeted in the world championship seldom attack soft baits, so there is no need to bring soft baits.

View the Lure Packs from LureFans

Line Class

The recommendation for line is to bring 6 to 16 pounds (2.72kg – 7.26kg), nylon or PE, both are ok.

Wet Weather Gear

It is recommended that you bring wet weather gear.
Link to Weather Forecast for Changshu.

Digital Camera

Participants shall only use digital cameras with removable memory cards for recording fish (cameras shall not be shared by anglers). Smart phones with removable memory cards may be used.

The tournament scorekeeper shall be able to read most standard memory cards; however anglers should bring a USB cable for their camera / Smart phone to ensure that their photos may be downloaded.

Anglers are to ensure that their camera cards work prior to the tournament.

Memory cards must be blank at the start of the tournament.

Important Note About Camera Mounts

Adaptors for camera mounts other than GoPro cameras will need to fit the supplied Ram mount. (No other mounts are permitted). Please see camera mount information.